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It’s tiring… as a modern woman, always struggling to fit in, be perfect, do better, or be something you are not. You want to achieve more, you know you can achieve more. 

BUT… somehow, your goals remain out of reach.

You struggle with the balance in your life between work, home, and equestrian life. 

Your plate is full and your tank feels empty.

So how do you restore and replenish? 

Finding courage to get out there, do the amazing things you know you can do, and be confident in who you are…

And You can do ANYTHING.

Remember that person? She is within, looking to come out.

And Dr. Jenny can help.

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Empty Tank Syndrome ONLINE Course

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Life gets busy.

And the longer you keep up with all of the projects and demands in your life, your energy “fuel tank” empties. Your passion and purpose lose momentum and you don’t know how to get that back.

Exhaustion creeps in and then maybe feelings of frustration, anger, or sadness take over.

Add to this an inability to focus, listen, or actually hear above the clamoring of your mental to-do list. It’s no wonder you’re struggling to achieve your goals and perform at your best!

If you were to take 5 minutes to just sit still, could you find your passion; the real reason you are on your current path?

Do you remember how you got here?  What remains undiscovered in you?

What is being squelched due to time, stress, or the inner critic? 

Now it's time for you.

Regain your

Refuel your 

Align with your 

Become MORE without sacrificing One. More.Thing.

gives you the skills to manage the energy in and around you, get your desired results, give your thoughts power, and find success even in your most challenging moments.

Dr. Jenny created this series to help you connect to yourself, your essence, and to create a way to powerfully and deeply connect to others in your life.

Imagine the difference regaining your focus, at home, the arena, the workplace could do for you.

Yes, you do have the time for yourself.

Yes, you are EPIC.

Yes, you do have the time for yourself.

Yes, you are EPIC.


The power is in your hands.

You can continue with the struggle: to find balance, to find focus, to fight for control. 


you can embrace your true potential, make a plan that empowers you, develop conscious awareness of each decision, control the outcome and focus on future goals.

EMPTY TANK SYNDROME: Why Resilience Is Not Enough will give you these tools and so many more.

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